Using logic between variables to add controls in Excel

This is a follow-up lesson from a great conversation I had recently with Oz du Soleil about paying commissions in Excel.

In this video I cover another scenario:

In most spreadsheet reports you have easy ways to check and balance against your figures. Namely, you are taking X # of transactions and slicing and dicing them to get back to X. 

But in incentives you are actually changing the numbers. You are not repurposing old data, you are actually creating something new. It’s more like a transformation, or even an algorithm. 

So it is harder to tie things back. In scenarios like this you have to think logically about your outputs.

In this example, I identified a logical dependency between two of our Y variables. This was the basis for my new control. 

Let me know what you think and if you have any other questions, ideas, or stories related to incentives and commissions. 

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