Road Tripping — Day 5

This is day 5 of a road trip I am taking from Portland, OR to Cleveland, OH. Read the full series here. 

Not many photos today — just a lot of windshield time. 

Our objective for the trip was to cover 500 miles a day. We’ve met the target each day — but we crushed it today, driving 750 miles.

Starting in southwestern South Dakota, we made it out of the Badlands, through southern Minnesota and into Wisconsin.

We’re now on the Wisconsin/Illinois border, poised to get home tomorrow.

What was the moral today?

Verizon’s coverage is hugely better than AT&T. 

My dad has Verizon and I have AT&T, so it has been interesting to compare our signal these past few days. 

While my dad had a few dead zones back in the mountain states, I have had consistently poor reception on AT&T. I’ve been without service for about half the trip — including today, in somewhat populated stretches of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

A few photos — but not many, because like I said, we drove all day (and let’s be honest, there’s less to see in Wisconsin than Montana!)


South Dakota became the point in the trip at which it was worth taking photos of a 60-foot roadside dinosaur. 

13680531_791088435986_9120715971455796570_nOne charming shot of South Dakota.

I’m sure South Dakota is a nice place to live, but little of it is photogenic. No offense, and you can say the same for Ohio.  13876439_791088455946_6777613148384582920_n

Just barely caught the sign for Minnesota. We skirted the south end of the state along I-90. Also quite dull. 


The Wisconsin sign. Construction barrels and overcast — we must be getting closer to Ohio! 

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