Road Trip 2016 – Conclusions, Thank-yous, etc.


And we’re back.


Mission accomplished!

When I mentioned to my dad that I was planning a trip out West, he mused how fun it would be to get a car there and drive it home.

And apparently he was serious about it.

Six days and 2,500 miles later… mission accomplished. The car made it. We made it. Great success!

Please check out my posts and photos over the last few days. I have also put a photo album on Facebook — click here to see it, even if you don’t have a Facebook account (and good for you!).

Before closing, a few shout-outs:

I am blessed to have wonderful parents, including a mother who let my father and me take a week to travel cross-country and barely make it back for her birthday. Thanks, Dad, for your resilience over the past few days as well. 

To Oz du Soleil, for a wonderful start to our trip in Portland. I know how busy Excel bloggers are, so it means a lot that you spent Sunday with us. You sure picked a good coffee spot, too!

To Aunt Jenny, thanks for being our Western roadside assistance and keeping us away from the bison herds… I mean, tourists.

To Charles Steele, sorry I missed you in Mountana! It was a good lesson to be more specific about my ETA. It says a lot about Hillsdale College that I have kept in touch with my professors and regularly look them up when I’m passing through their home towns.

Now that I’m back in Ohio, though, it’s time to do what Ohioans are best at…. spreadsheets! 

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  1. Great trip! It was a pleasure to hang with y’all before you started the drive.

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