Never Fear, Excel is Here (to stay!)


Image from Gartner study

If you’re worried that your Excel skills may soon become obsolete, take comfort. A recent Gartner study positions Microsoft as an industry leader in BI and Analytics.

I’m very impressed with Microsoft’s products and services lately. They have become a more collaborative, multi-platform BI provider. Their customer service is killer. I frequently tweet with the Excel team and was even given a year of free Office 365 for my online enthusiasm for Excel.

A lot of people think Excel is going to be eclipsed by more robust data solutions like Tableau. Microsoft has dug in to keep Excel the king of BI, loading it with cutting-edge features that very few users are yet aware of.

The only problem I see is getting consumers to see Excel as more than a spreadsheet. People will not see the benefit of “just another plug-in” like PowerPivot. Moreover IT may not want to bother adding more features to peoples’ machines. Other than that, way to go Excel

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