Visualizing Movements Along a Line in Excel

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… so how many does an animated graph get us?

This morning I was working on a research proposal presentation.

Essentially, the research aims to develop a way to measure, plot and visualize corporations’ strategic agility. 

The conceptualization is influenced by the indifference curve in economics:

An indifference curve represents a series of combinations between two different economic goods, between which an individual would be theoretically indifferent regardless of which combination he received.

I used a graph in Excel to plot a sample “indifference curve of agility:”

While illustrative, this chart takes a bit of explaining. I find it a nuisance when presenters must use a ruler or laser pointer to guide the audience through a slide. Let the slide guide itself.

So, I used a little VBA to make this chart come alive. These two GIFs illusrate two types of movement along indifference curves (along the same curve and across to a new curve).

Download exercise file here

 Learning VBA…

I got into VBA far too late in my career. It intimidated me. I thought it was for “real” developers only.

Then I took Jon Acampora’s VBA Pro Course.

This thing is an Excel tour de force. I had applied his tutorials to my own work before the course ended, automating tasks that once took hours.

Check out the class. Use this link and I receive a portion of the sales from the course.


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