(Microsoft) Excel in the Job Interview


It’s a common scenario. You’re looking for your first job out of school. Or, you want to move up the ranks at work. Regardless — those mysterious words appear on the description for your dream job — “Requires proficiency in Microsoft Excel.”

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What the heck does that mean?

Data analysis is becoming the engine of business, and Microsoft Excel is the starting-point. You want to show your employer you’re comfortable with data, and demonstrating solid Excel proficiency is a great start.

“But how do I learn Excel?”

Well, I am glad that you asked…

First off, focus in on what you really need to learn in Excel. You will not learn everything. Excel is too vast. That’s why my course focuses on two functions alone — it’s based on what I saw were the most lacking Excel skills for most new analysts.

“But what do I need to know?”

Everyone’s got an opinion here! A few favorites:

At Chandoo.org, “Top 10 Formulas for Aspiring Analysts”

PoliceAnalyst.com on “30 Excel Functions Every Analyst Should Know”

Exceldemy.com on the “Top 20 Advanced Essential Excel Skills You Should Know”

“Okay, where do I go for those?”

So, you are getting a sense of what you need to learn as an analyst. Well, where should you train?

Check out my guide on learning Excel from scratch for training ideas that fit every schedule and budget (click image below to read).

And of course, head over to my Excel blog page.

“Now what?”

So, you are feeling confident with your command of Excel. It’s time to start sending resumes and interviewing. How can you put your best foot forward as an Excel-savvy analyst?

A few links and tips:

“No More Blast Invites! LinkedIn for Aspiring Analysts”

“Vlookup Culture: Lingo for Aspiring Analysts”

  (also available as a Slideshare)

“You’re Hired with Excel… Now What?”

Other resources from around the web:

At Chandoo.org, “What are the Best Excel Interview Questions?”

DeskBright has an excellent guide to the “Top 10 Excel Interview Questions for Job Seekers”

And some thoughts from Oz du Soleil:

“Interviewing, Excel Skills & Data Management Mentality”

“REDUX: Interviewing for Excel Skill”

From CareerGuru.com, the “Top 25 Microsoft Excel Interview Questions & Answers”

At ListenData.com, some “Data Analyst Interview Questions” 

Looking for a job in marketing? SEO is a critical skill. This guide from Acuity Training will get you ready for an interview in SEO with its Search Engine Optimisers Guide to Excel.

Want even more Excel interview resources? Check out my course, “Hired with Excel: The Essential Guide to Interviews.”  

It’s your Excel interview power hour. 

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