Hired with Excel: Why You Must Train Yourself

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I have drilled home the point that you cannot rely on your employer to train you. I want to elaborate on this point a little more to explain why learning these skills on your own is essential. One of my worst assumptions in college was that I didn’t have to learn Excel because I would find a good employer who would train me. This was the most debilitating attitude I had in my “hired with Excel” process.

The first thing to remember is that old adage: “It’s a business, not a charity.” Training employees is expensive. Consider: Candidate A never learned Excel, and Candidate B is ready to go. Whom do you think will get hired?

Laying aside the costs associated with training, there is an even more blunt reason why self-training is needed. Even if companies wanted to spend the money training you, they probably couldn’t.

Technology advances rapidly, and many of the Excel tools discussed in this book were not even available until Excel 2007. By that time, many hiring managers had already done their time in the cubicle. They no longer spend their days looking at spreadsheets. So their knowledge of Excel is not up to date.

As an analyst, you will be asked to do things with Excel that even your manager might not know how to do.

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