Hey, Data Analyst, Learn Some Content Marketing

Hey, Data Analyst, Learn Some Content Marketing


One resource that’s been particularly helpful since I’ve started writing is theContent Marketing Institute. Much to my amazement, this organization is based in my hometown of Cleveland, OH.

This is a true gem for Cleveland, and I’m looking forward to getting involved by volunteering at this year’s Content Marketing Institute.

I’m a business analyst, and most fellow “numbers guys” are quick to question my interest. Before even understanding what concept marketing is, they assume it’s something gimmicky. Content marketing, though, is a fact of life — especially in the digital age.

Even if you’re in a data-heavy position with few marketing duties, it’s a good idea to learn about content marketing. Here’s why:

Shotgunning Doesn’t Work

When you’re looking for a promotion or new job, the first instinct is usually to shoot your resume to as many people as possible. You hope to get someone’s attention just through brute volume.

This is how advertising used to work: spend millions on a Super Bowl ad. Even if you convert a small fraction of viewers, that’s still a lot of people!

With consumers now more in charge of how they receive content, interrupting them with a thirty-second ad spot doesn’t work anymore. It’s the same with resumes, what I call the “thirty-second ad spot of job hunting.”

Analysts might not think their success hinges on others’ trust. But shotgunning resumes in the hope of getting in the door does not build a relationship. Analysts need to engage employers with ideas and goals rather than interrupt them with resumes. Content marketing can show you how to do that.

If you do something brilliant and nobody sees it, did you really do it?

Everyone is a content creator. As an analyst, you might not be making videos or blog posts at work. But you’re still trying new models and visualizations. It’s important to share them effectively.

Think about your data and how to share it. Is there a way to “brand” what you are saying? How does this fit into the overall brand of what you do as an analyst? If you can consistently share work that communicates your thoughts as an analyst, employers and coworkers will become loyal to your ideas.

Content marketing will show you how to get your ideas noticed and build a reputation around those ideas.

We Live in a Connection Economy

This is an information economy. He who spreads ideas gets rich. Analysts should not be comfortable letting their ideas stay at the office, hoping management notices. To become a valued thought leader, you need to pursue a tribe.

Keep a blog or podcast. Start a conversation with other analysts and share your ideas. Find people in other industries who could benefit from your knowledge base and give freely.

Content Marketing is For “Data Geeks,” Too!

While it seems like data analyst and content marketer have no overlap, there is quite a lot for analysts to learn from content marketing. 

Sure, you may not be managing a Twitter account for your company. But don’t be deceived. You are telling stories and building a tribe. Content marketing can make you a better analyst.

 Photo courtesy user StartupStockPhotos on Pixabay.

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