What Makes a Good Analyst? And How Do You Interview to Find One?

A feature of my blog has been turning Excel skills into career opportunities. 

My first course was a deep dive into getting “hired with Excel.” What, as I said, does “every analyst need to know?” 

This included not just essential Excel skills but how to find the right job and impress hiring managers.

My second course focused on one element in particular — interviewing and Excel.

This has also been a topic of interest to Oz du Soleil, so we got talking. 

What makes a good analyst? Where does Excel fit in? Do skills-based tests really work? And how can you spot the right candidate in a job interview? 

Since we’d both mainly been on the interviewee side of the table, we asked a seasoned hiring manager to join us.


Rick Grantham of Excel.TV has supervised hundreds everywhere from call centers to upscale consulting firms. 

In our discussion, Rick lays out how he spots a good analyst.

Thanks to Rick and Oz for talking about this topic. 



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