Excel TV and the School of Hard-coded Knocks

What’s your favorite TV show? Mine is Excel TV, and it’s not just because I’ve been on it. 

I love how the show mixes Excel tips and tricks in the bigger picture of business analysis and career development.

This week’s topic, starting around the 29:30 mark, fits this perfectly. 

Like most career skills, Excel will mostly be learned on the job. But can we train students better than we are now? I believe so, and that’s why I built my course. It’s great to see so many other educators addressing the need, too. 

Yes, there’s the School of Hard Knocks, people who were thrown into the trenches and came out stronger. Most Excel is self-taught, after all.

But there’s also the School of Hard-coded Knocks. These are people who’ve maybe missed a beat in Excel. They’re frustrated with tedious, inaccurate processes. Could some formal training have helped them? Possibly… if we get the curriculum right. 

Check out the conversation — I even get a shout-out at the 42-minute mark! If you can, watch the entire show. You’ll even learn some Danish!


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