But Seriously… Freezing Panes in Excel


y u no

This may be my biggest spreadsheet pet peeve. I’m scrolling through the report and after getting past a few dozen lines, I totally lose my bearings as the report labels aren’t visible. So uncool!

Little things make a great analyst. While something like freezing panes seems very simple, you’d be surprised how often it’s not done.

And maybe the spreadsheet builder truly didn’t know how to freeze panes. Everyone had to learn once!

If you’re not familiar, check out the GIF, and don’t take the meme too personally 😀 

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  1. Totally agree!

    • George Mount says:

      It seems simple but stuff like this really matters. And it’s amazing how often it’s not done. A lot of classes gloss over this stuff assuming it’s not important. But really these little things add up.

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