Using Excel for CRM? Tell Me More.

excel for crm

I emphasize on my blog that you don’t have to be a “numbers person” to be good at Excel. You just have to think logically.

At Wordcamp Dayton I was surprised to learn how many marketers, freelancers, and small business owners use Microsoft Excel for their CRM. Some of them have tried thousand-plus-dollar software solutions, yet resorted back to Excel.

One frustration was that because Excel was designed “for accountants,” as one person said, it was not the ideal platform.

I have no exposure to CRM, and I am not sure what good CRM should do, and what Excel lacks. I do like to apply Excel to solve real business problems.

If you’ve struggled with CRM in Excel, let’s talk!

Ideally, I would like to present my findings and solutions at an upcoming Wordcamp. I have learned tremendously from these events and would like to contribute to the knowledge base.

Hope to hear from you!

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