Hired with Excel: The Essential Guide to Interviews


So you found the dream job. Only one problem — it requires proficiency in Microsoft Excel. What to do?

This course is a gameplan for learning Excel — and acing your job interview along the way.

You will learn:

  • Understand the essential functions of an analyst
  • Learn how to position your Excel skills in the broader trend toward data-driven business
  • Develop an employer needs-based curriculum for learning Excel
  • Prepare for the most common interview questions for analysts

Your interview prep power hour

When you’ve got an interview schedule, you can’t spend hours trying to learn a subject. That’s why this course will take under an hour. 

The course is delivered through high-quality screencast video training. I also include the slide decks for you to follow along. 

Tips and tricks not included

I have intentionally left out direct Excel training from this course. To get in-depth Excel video training for the topics covered, see the parent course, “Hired with Excel: What Every Analyst Needs to Know.”

Instead, this series will get you focused on what counts at a job interview — addressing the employers’ needs, and proving you can satisfy them.