Think tech, not just coding


Good piece in the WSJ communicating to parents and teachers something I wish I had heard more while I was in school: learn how to work with computers.  As the article states, one of the best ways to make a living these days is by knowing computer programming.

While this is true, the author’s focus may be a little narrow.  He seems to imply that anyone with programming skills will necessarily move to Silicon Valley and make six figures at a startup.  But knowing about computers isn’t just necessary in tech.  We are approaching the point where an entry-level analyst at a Midwestern retailer needs a very strong education in computer science.  This includes not just coding, but data warehousing, visualization, and big data analytics.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of online learning tools for these skills, many of them free.  Through these means or by more formal education, students should be considering how they can work computer applications into their other interests.  This is what will determine future success.

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