The Only IS The Best.


In a recent post, I wrote about what local orchestras revealed to me about the nature of specialization. I argued that specialization doesn’t mean just becoming the best in a really specific interest.

Rather, it’s being the best in a unique combination of interests. Because if you are the only expert in something, then you are the best expert.

So I was glad to come across this confirming quote from Jerry Garcia.


Do I have an Excel blog or not? I don’t know. I guess the best category is business analytics. So what’s the “economics” part about? Well, because all business analysis must be grounded in economics. In fact, the idea of specialization is in itself built on economic principles.

So instead of arguing about how to define my blog’s topic, it emerges one post at a time (spontaneous order — another economic principle!). It becomes unique — and like Jerry says, the best.

Thanks for joining me.


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