The New Economy: One Big Improv Class?

Oz du Soleil took another question from me for his daily vlog (Check out the first here.).

What did he learn from improv classes at Second City in Chicago?

I love this kind of material — how the arts help you succeed. It’s a theme of this blog. Oz has some great insight here.

The point about seeing the audience as partners is huge.

What’s the conventional wisdom? To picture the audience naked? If you are starting out trying to humiliate the audience so you feel more comfortable — not a good start.

This idea as seeing your audience as collaborators rather than customers is so important in today’s economy. When things are based on ideas, it can be hard to tell who the buyer and seller is. When I share a tip on my blog that you taught me — who is the audience and who is the artist? 

Thanks Oz, for another great video. 

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