Why “Treating It Like a Job” Is a Bad Idea

Subscribe and get more tips for the awesome analyst. Plus, your free ebook. The return to higher education can be brutal. So much reading and writing, so much unstructured time to manage. It’s quite unlike the structured, spreadsheeted world of work. A common solution to the student life is to “treat it like a job:” […]

Labor Day Reflections

Labor Day isn’t my favorite holiday, but it is making me step back and think about work’s purpose and its future. I’ve been working as an analyst in various capacities for nearly four years now, covering everything from womens’ flasks to neurosurgery billing. It’s surprising how similar all these roles are — namely, how all […]

Crush Your Internship

I have the honor to be a mentor for Summer on the Cuyahoga, a summer internship program designed to show all Cleveland has to offer to students from top regional schools such as Cornell, University of Chicago, and Case Western Reserve University (my alma mater). When asked to provide some internship tips, I had more difficulty than […]

Hard Work U

This WSJ piece offers a compelling compromise to the raging college vs. workforce debate.  While I am convinced there is a bubble in higher education, I think some critics of a college education go too far.   There is always a need for the trades such as plumbing, carpentry, etc. But every industry is undergoing a data […]