Assign Cell Color Fills to Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

When exploring a workbook, I like to color-code cells so that I remember what I need to do with that information. Red cells indicate I need to take action on something, while green means all systems go. Yellow means either neutral, or that I haven’t decided yet! That’s my system, anyway. And maybe you have your […]

Visualizing Movements Along a Line in Excel

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… so how many does an animated graph get us? This morning I was working on a research proposal presentation. Essentially, the research aims to develop a way to measure, plot and visualize corporations’ strategic agility.  The conceptualization is influenced by the indifference curve in economics: An […]

The Excel Magic 8 Ball

The blog has been quiet lately because I’ve been busy learning R and Python to complete a research project. And I’ve been missing Excel. But today I found a nice diversion. A Python Magic 8 Ball The best introduction to Python I have found is Al Sweigart’s Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. Get it for free at the […]

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out! Cutting Back on Excel’s White Glare Download the exercise file here. I’m getting old. My eyes feel strained all the time. No kidding? Maybe it’s from staring at a white screen all day: In this video I will offer some pointers on cutting back glare in Excel: manually, then via a VBA macro:   If you’re new to VBA, check […]

Use Excel to Schedule Old Blog Posts at Random via Bulk Buffer

Download the exercise file at… I use Bulk Buffer to re-distribute old blog posts and other content via scheduled posts at Buffer. Bulk Buffer allows you to export a CSV file for upload to Buffer, a social media management program. (Speaking of which, check out my social channels at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter!)  I am on the […]