5 Reasons You Should Never Go to Grad School Without Working First

Thinking of grad school? Get a job. Then think about it some more. And if you keep thinking about it, go. You’ll be older, wiser, and more ready to succeed. Those with work experience have an incredible advantage over classmates who have no professional work experience. Here’s why:  1. You’ve learned detachment “It will crush […]

Wealthy vs. Wise? Education’s Senseless Divide

Become a better analyst. Subscribe. I am passionate about education of all kinds. At my liberal arts college, I was in everything from the classics honorary to the orchestra to the political economy club. But I also love learning about cutting-edge techniques in business — that’s why I have two graduate diplomas from top-tier business schools, […]

Education: Fight Yellow Checker Syndrome

Education Suffers from Yellow Checker Syndrome James Altucher is a “digital mentor” of mine. He even answers some of my texts. If you know anything about him, he does not believe in college.   I agree that higher education in its present form is as obsolete as the taxi industry — over-regulated, disincentivized, etc.   But […]

Online Education…Is That Any Good?

A while back, I gave a brief plug for Indiana University (IU)’s online certificate in business analytics, a program I recently completed. I’ve received several follow-up questions on this program and about online learning, in general. Here are my remarks. I believe this and other programs are key to the future of education. The program shows […]

Crush Your Internship

I have the honor to be a mentor for Summer on the Cuyahoga, a summer internship program designed to show all Cleveland has to offer to students from top regional schools such as Cornell, University of Chicago, and Case Western Reserve University (my alma mater). When asked to provide some internship tips, I had more difficulty than […]