It Takes Two to Price

Ben Yi wrote a great piece on Uber’s surge pricing, how it works, and thoughts to improve it.  I left a brief comment on Ben’s post which I’d like to share. I’ve argued before that a good business analyst frames problems from both the supply and demand side. Most people — especially marketers — consider […]

Keep Fighting Yellow Checker Syndrome

  This post continues some thoughts I shared last week on higher education. Read the first post here. Get Dematerialized Last week, I drew an analogy between Uber and higher education. I argued that Uber did not make the taxi concept obsolete, it just changed the delivery. Like the taxi industry, higher education is failing to innovate […]

Education: Fight Yellow Checker Syndrome

Education Suffers from Yellow Checker Syndrome James Altucher is a “digital mentor” of mine. He even answers some of my texts. If you know anything about him, he does not believe in college.   I agree that higher education in its present form is as obsolete as the taxi industry — over-regulated, disincentivized, etc.   But […]

Uber’s Valuation: The Mundane is Now a Market

  The citizen-for-hire taxi service Uber raised $1.2 billion dollars that put it at a $17 billion valuation. This should remind us that in the connection economy, value is waiting to be unlocked in the simplest of everyday activities.  What used to just be a journal or small ‘zine can now easily become a million-dollar […]