Checklists, programs, and the nature of work

“We need a checklist,” my boss insisted. “So we don’t miss any steps.” So I made a checklist of how to pay out physician incentives. Dozens of steps. I tried implementing it across the hundreds of instances over which incentives are paid. I still missed things. “Why wasn’t that on the list?” Checklists, surprisingly, are […]

Why Norbert Wiener Would Want You to Blog

  One book that I keep coming back to is Tyler Cowen’s Average is Over, which predicts the effects of the concentration of information technology at the hands of a few. While the information age has brought untold wealth and comfort to millions, perhaps there is a less appealing underbelly. The largest tech companies keep getting […]

The Cognitive Dissonance of Excel

Oz du Soleil has a new daily vlog series in August, “Excel Ignited.” He’ll start from the basics, diving into what Excel is for and how to think about data.  In the last lesson, he discussed “What is Excel?” Sounds pretty basic, but it really got me thinking.  Excel is a spreadsheet tool. Think about […]

Wealthy vs. Wise? Education’s Senseless Divide

Become a better analyst. Subscribe. I am passionate about education of all kinds. At my liberal arts college, I was in everything from the classics honorary to the orchestra to the political economy club. But I also love learning about cutting-edge techniques in business — that’s why I have two graduate diplomas from top-tier business schools, […]

“The Future of the Professions”: Analysts, Can You Handle This?

The Future of the Professions by Daniel and Richard Susskind tackles what trends in artificial intelligence, data science, and labor economics mean to the professions — careers which have remained stubborn in the face of change. As with much of my writing, I attempt project these big-picture themes onto my world. What do they mean to a […]