Slides: I Stopped Going to Networking Events…And When You Should, Too

I used to be so gung-ho on networking events that I even wrote a book about it! But after they helped define my purpose, I stopped going to so many. Here’s why I stopped going to networking events — and when you should, too. Read the original post here.     

Uber’s Valuation: The Mundane is Now a Market

  The citizen-for-hire taxi service Uber raised $1.2 billion dollars that put it at a $17 billion valuation. This should remind us that in the connection economy, value is waiting to be unlocked in the simplest of everyday activities.  What used to just be a journal or small ‘zine can now easily become a million-dollar […]

What the Internet Can Do For Pennies

I enjoy listening to NPR’s Planet Money.  They make economic theory manageable to the average listener, through stories on everything from violins to professional sports. I’m frequently disappointed, however, in the incomplete economic thought that goes into the show.  The reporters tend to miss some pretty simple connections from their story to economic principles.   It […]