Out of the Hot Seat: Reimagining Code Forums

I’ve picked up an unusual habit lately — when I am about to make a programming-related internet search, I open a private tab in my browser. What am I up to? Just trying to keep my cool. You see, StackOverflow ranks very highly on searches for programming help. If I use my regular browser to visit StackOverflow, […]

Excel’s Online Communities: Interview with Oz du Soleil

What is the purpose of Excel forums and our online communities in general? How can questions and answers be communicated more effectively? What is the future of forums? Oz du Soleil is the host of the Excel on Fire YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/WalrusCandy) and a Microsoft Excel MVP.

Down Goes the Ladle: Understanding Code Forum Culture

Ah, online code forums. They can be a great place to give and receive advice cordially. But sometimes the vibes can be a bit…. harsh. I hadn’t spent too much time on code forums before this semester. What experience I had was on the MrExcel forum, and I never had a problem. But my current […]