Grad School: Specialization Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

As I mentioned in my last post, I am going back to school for a PhD at Case Western Reserve University. I predicted this would influence my blogging. Well, that didn’t take long. My program in design & innovation is highly influenced by information systems and, to a lesser extent, marketing — two subjects which I […]

High School Orchestra: It’s Life.

High school, they tell you, is nothing like real life. But high school orchestra is surprisingly relevant. I learned what talent, specialization, and expertise really means. In no-man’s land I was in a no-man’s land of talent in high school music. My local high school’s violin section was a joke. I could have placed in […]

Big Data at the Hospital

This Wall Street Journal story caught my attention because it is capturing many of the trends in my industry.  The growth of data, cost control, and population health are all featured in this quest to use data science in health care. The article implies that using data science may bring down some of the walls of specialization […]