Installing RStudio

They say the best way to learn something is to teach it. They also say the best way to teach something is to actually use it yourself. You may have noticed a slowing down in Excel-related posts lately. That is because for my current research projects I am rarely using Excel. I am finding it […]

Go Researching Waterfalls

One of my courses this year is a seminar on information systems. Before each class, we each write a “conversation starter” incorporating our thoughts on the papers. A topic that has greatly interested me lately is waterfall vs. agile development. “Waterfall” projects hinge on all-or-nothing strategy: let’s spend weeks and months developing something, then release […]

The Cognitive Dissonance of Excel

Oz du Soleil has a new daily vlog series in August, “Excel Ignited.” He’ll start from the basics, diving into what Excel is for and how to think about data.  In the last lesson, he discussed “What is Excel?” Sounds pretty basic, but it really got me thinking.  Excel is a spreadsheet tool. Think about […]

How Gall’s Law Explains Crappy Spreadsheets

The other day I came across Gall’s Law, developed in book on systems theory by pediatrician John Gall (polymath!). It’s fascinating. Here is Gall’s Law in all its fitting simplicity: Subscribe to the newsletter for more Excel tips and tricks. I love this idea. It’s especially appealing to my economics background — our advanced economy […]

Using Excel for CRM? Tell Me More.

I emphasize on my blog that you don’t have to be a “numbers person” to be good at Excel. You just have to think logically. At Wordcamp Dayton I was surprised to learn how many marketers, freelancers, and small business owners use Microsoft Excel for their CRM. Some of them have tried thousand-plus-dollar software solutions, yet resorted back to […]