Down Goes the Ladle: Understanding Code Forum Culture

Ah, online code forums. They can be a great place to give and receive advice cordially. But sometimes the vibes can be a bit…. harsh. I hadn’t spent too much time on code forums before this semester. What experience I had was on the MrExcel forum, and I never had a problem. But my current […]

Low-and-Low, or: Is It Really Rigor vs. Relevance?

In our last information systems seminar, we discussed the concept of “rigor vs. relevance.” That is, how do you research with scientific rigor while maintaining managerial relevance? These are unfortunately framed as mutually exclusive: it seems almost a badge of honor to publish on obscure topics in indecipherable prose. I love reading and got a […]

Go Researching Waterfalls

One of my courses this year is a seminar on information systems. Before each class, we each write a “conversation starter” incorporating our thoughts on the papers. A topic that has greatly interested me lately is waterfall vs. agile development. “Waterfall” projects hinge on all-or-nothing strategy: let’s spend weeks and months developing something, then release […]

These Modeling Tips Are on My Desk: What About Yours?

The other day in my research methods class we were discussing theory: what makes it believable or interesting, when to use math versus a more discursive approach, and so forth.  Over the course of the seminar, I brought up these slides which are placed above my desk at home. These help me formulate theories, build […]

Grad School: I Survived Week One!

  I did it — I survived my first week as a PhD student.  There is a lot of mystery about the PhD, probably because so few have done a PhD, and those who do tend to run in the same circles and do not interact with the outside world too much (more on that […]