Don’t Look for the Biggie

I recently wrote a paper about Peter Drucker’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which led me to conclude that all management theory is a footnote to Drucker. Drucker writes far ahead of his time on topics from information technology to career management. Give it a read. One of my favorite quotes concerns the nature of “thinking big” in entrepreneurship: […]

Is Data the Best Disinfectant?

Louis Brandeis, writing about transparency, said that “sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” You want to get to the bottom of things? Then measure, report, expose. Man does nothing to create sunlight. It is an element, a natural resource. Big data is often seen like sunlight — apply enough reporting and statistics, […]

Checklists, programs, and the nature of work

“We need a checklist,” my boss insisted. “So we don’t miss any steps.” So I made a checklist of how to pay out physician incentives. Dozens of steps. I tried implementing it across the hundreds of instances over which incentives are paid. I still missed things. “Why wasn’t that on the list?” Checklists, surprisingly, are […]

New! Check out the Quote Gallery

I’ve compiled the best image quotes I have made for the blog. Topics range from business analytics to entrepreneurship. All are meant to inspire the savvy analyst. Check out the collection here. 

Bonini’s Boredom

Today I came across a fascinating concept called Bonini’s Paradox — the more complexities you add to a model to make it “realistic,” the less useful it becomes. Take a map of your town, for example. The only map that could capture all its reality would be — not a map, but your real town. […]