Go Open! Installing External Libraries in Python

One of the biggest differences is Python compared to Excel is that Python is open-source. Microsoft owns and operates Excel. While you can develop your own add-ins and user-defined functions, etc., it is still a proprietary product. By contrast, anyone can develop almost anything for Python and easily share it — Python is a totally […]

The Excel Magic 8 Ball

The blog has been quiet lately because I’ve been busy learning R and Python to complete a research project. And I’ve been missing Excel. But today I found a nice diversion. A Python Magic 8 Ball The best introduction to Python I have found is Al Sweigart’s Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. Get it for free at the […]

Downloading Python

The best subject to teach is a subject that you apply yourself daily yourself. And the best thing to learn is something that you’ll actually use daily. My mix of data tools has shifted substantially from Excel to R and Python as of late. I still use Excel, but not for several hours every day, […]

Request: I Need a Python Nudge

I’ve spent some quality nerd time over the past few weeks learning R for text mining. Then I learned a top researcher in the field uses Python, and has even posted his code online. And there’s something about Python. Of your charity… Know Python? Give me a boost. Like I said, the code is already written.   […]

From Reddit to Slap Bass: It’s Not About The Cell Live!

Why is Domo not the answer? What does playing the bass have to do with developing a spreadsheet? Watch and learn!  I had a spirited conversation with Oz du Soleil and Alex Powers on Alex’s It’s Not About the Cell live Facebook hangout. Topics ranged from Reddit’s Excel thread to online Excel communities in general. […]