Go Open! Installing External Libraries in Python

One of the biggest differences is Python compared to Excel is that Python is open-source. Microsoft owns and operates Excel. While you can develop your own add-ins and user-defined functions, etc., it is still a proprietary product. By contrast, anyone can develop almost anything for Python and easily share it — Python is a totally […]

Downloading Python

The best subject to teach is a subject that you apply yourself daily yourself. And the best thing to learn is something that you’ll actually use daily. My mix of data tools has shifted substantially from Excel to R and Python as of late. I still use Excel, but not for several hours every day, […]

Installing RStudio

They say the best way to learn something is to teach it. They also say the best way to teach something is to actually use it yourself. You may have noticed a slowing down in Excel-related posts lately. That is because for my current research projects I am rarely using Excel. I am finding it […]

Down Goes the Ladle: Understanding Code Forum Culture

Ah, online code forums. They can be a great place to give and receive advice cordially. But sometimes the vibes can be a bit…. harsh. I hadn’t spent too much time on code forums before this semester. What experience I had was on the MrExcel forum, and I never had a problem. But my current […]

The Cognitive Dissonance of Excel

Oz du Soleil has a new daily vlog series in August, “Excel Ignited.” He’ll start from the basics, diving into what Excel is for and how to think about data.  In the last lesson, he discussed “What is Excel?” Sounds pretty basic, but it really got me thinking.  Excel is a spreadsheet tool. Think about […]