Making Easy, Flexible Histograms with PivotTables

This post accompanies my segment on MyExcelOnline’s “Best Excel Tips of 2017 Podcast.” The first commandment of data analysis: KNOW THY DATA! It’s always smart to get a feel for your data’s distribution. Histograms offer a great way to visualize the distributions of a variable of interest. Download the exercise file here. A histogram is […]

Paying Commissions in Excel: Understand Your Data

Paying commissions in Excel can be tricky. Not only does the data have to be 100% correct, it is structured differently than most financial data. It’s not based on subaccounts or the general ledger — the building block instead is people. In this video I show you what to watch out for so you don’t […]

Double Up on Pivot Magic

Did you know that you can use the same value field twice in a #PivotTable? Follow these steps to include a % total or running total on your report.

Why PivotTables?

You probably didn’t expect etymology in this book, but it here goes. When I probably should have been learning Excel in high school, I took a Greek class instead. I haven’t used my Greek a lot, but one area where I have improved is etymology, the study of a word’s origins. Let’s take a key […]

Filter Multiple Pivot Tables with One Slicer

Note: This is my first Excel post! I have improved since then, both in my blogging and Excel skills. I’ve made some modifications to the post, but the first paragraph remains for sentiment’s sake.  Allow me to explore a new writing topic — Excel!  This is my most-used tool at work, and I have acquired lots […]