Excelstentialism and Systems Blogging

  One thing I’ve grappled with frequently on this blog is whether I am an “Excel blogger.” It is probably increasingly clear that I do not primarily write about Excel. This is especially true because as a graduate student, I do not spend nearly the same amount of time in spreadsheets as I once had. […]

Is Data Distracting Us From Science?

I’ve often joked that data science needs a new emphasis. We tend to over-emphasize the “data” half and forget the “science” half.  The scale and scope of data is new, but science is not. Are we overlooking the latter? Jaron Lanier seems to think so. I am reading his book, Who Owns the Future? It’s a great […]

Bonds, Not Bucks: How Bulgakov Made Me a Better Blogger

Apologies for the light posting this week. I am at Acton University, an annual four-day summer school exploring the moral and philosophical foundations of economics and business. It is held in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you think having dinner with new friends from Poland, Argentina, and Venezuela before a lecture from a Nobel laureate, […]

The Only IS The Best.

In a recent post, I wrote about what local orchestras revealed to me about the nature of specialization. I argued that specialization doesn’t mean just becoming the best in a really specific interest. Rather, it’s being the best in a unique combination of interests. Because if you are the only expert in something, then you are the best expert. So […]

Adam Smith, Business Coach

Subscribe and get more tips for the awesome analyst. Plus, your free ebook. As an economics major, I’m embarrassed about how little I know the works of Adam Smith. The founder of the discipline, Smith is rarely read past the famous line about the butcher and baker, which comes from The Wealth of Nations. Then there’s The Theory […]