Excel for Healthcare Preview – Conclusion: What Does the Future of Healthcare Mean for Analysts?

  This is a preview of my forthcoming course on Excel for Healthcare. Changes are coming to healthcare. What does this mean for healthcare analysts? In this section I will describe how some trends in healthcare may affect how people will use Excel. Read more about the course at http://georgejmount.com/excelforhealthcare

Course Preview: Excel for Healthcare Professionals

I’m happy to share my tentative curriculum for a new course on Excel for healthcare professionals. The motivation to blog about Excel was for analysts in general but more specifically for healthcare professionals.  When I started working in healthcare, I was shocked at just how difficult it was to work with data. I’ve got lots […]

Course Preview: The Essential Guide to Interviews

This is an introduction to my new Udemy course, “Hired with Excel: The Essential Guide to Interviews.” This is a companion to “Hired with Excel: What Every Analyst Needs to Know.” I lay out a gameplan for interviews — how to learn Excel, and how to communicate its value at your interview. Check out the course […]

New Course — Hired with Excel: The Essential Guide to Interviews

Course Description So you found the dream job. Only one problem — it requires proficiency in Microsoft Excel. What to do? This course is a gameplan for learning Excel — and acing your job interview along the way. You will learn: Understand the essential functions of an analyst Learn how to position your Excel skills in […]

Course Launch: What I Wish I’d Known

I am so pleased to announce that I’ve launched my course, Hired with Excel: What Every Analyst Needs to Know. This is a long time coming. I thought, brainstormed, and procrastinated over the past few months. At times I felt like the starving artist who had spent decades crafting the perfect novel. I thought it would […]