Excel for Healthcare Administrators: Who Should Take This Course?

Note: I have been receiving some great feedback on my course for healthcare administrators. One common question is who this course is for what a user should expect to get out of the course. To that end I am adding some context to the course.  This course was designed for a few groups of users which […]

Hired with Excel: Observations, Caveats, Etc…

This is a preview of my course, “Hired with Excel: What Every Analyst Needs to Know.” Learn more at georgejmount.thinkific.com, or subscribe to my newsletter for your free companion ebook.  In this video I reflect on some common feedback and observations about the course. Topics covered: How is learning Excel like reading the internet? What […]

Why Be a Social Analyst?

This is a preview of my course on networking for analysts. Learn more at georgejmount.com/networkingcourse. I was introduced to the concept of the “social employee” by Mark and Cheryl Burgess, who argue that companies can build a strong brand through the content and creation of their own employees. I took this concept to heart and […]

The Biker Bar Fallacy (Slides)

Read the original post here. This is a preview of my forthcoming course on networking for analysts. Learn more here.  I’ve gone to conferences on everything from content marketing to economic measurement.      Sometimes I got funny looks at these conferences. I wouldn’t go back to a lot of these conferences, but they have taught […]

Slides: What’s Wrong with the Traditional View of Networking

I often discuss how I wasn’t taught the right Excel skills as a student.  But what I learned about networking may have been even worse — because I was taught the wrong things about networking. Contrary to what we’re often taught, networking is not about “shameless promotion,” as one email from an anonymous networking group put in an email. […]