Review: The Job Hunting Mindset for College Graduates

I’ve been exploring the world of Kindle publishing since the publication of my first ebook (which you can get free until today.) One new feature to me is free Kindle books.  Many authors will promote their books for free a few days after publication for some publicity.  They do this in hopes of getting reviews and […]

Review: “The Milennial Game Plan”

I came to this short e-book from Forbes, where author Laura Shin writes regularly.  While it took less than half a day to read (and is priced appropriately), the book has permanent take-aways. Shin does not sugar-coat the Millennial job market.  She starts off with the usual “unemployed with a Master’s in Puppetry” tragedies.  I particularly […]

In (partial) defense of Millennials

George Anders at Forbes has a brief but unbalanced piece on Millennials’ spending habits.  The article shows why data-driven stories, just like any other stories, need to be put into context. Anders uses a Harris/Eventbrite study to cast the Millennials as free-wheeling, thrill-seeking drifters.  This is based on the survey’s result that an overwhelming majority of […]

Innovation on Repayment Plans

The linked article discusses the future of entrepreneurship among millennials.  While the article is inconclusive, it did get me thinking about some themes of this topic.  Like the article, these are brief and not decisive.  But it gets the conversation going. The authors hope that some signs point to more entrepreneurship in the future, as it […]