Are You Wiser Than a Fifth Grader?

Last night we revisited a family classic, RocketMan. It’s a slapsticky 1997 Disney film about an idiot-savant space engineer who unexpectedly is sent on the first mission to Mars. Crude humor ensues. Most of it is forgettable, childish humor. A few scenes have stuck with me and are just as funny as when I was […]

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out! Cutting Back on Excel’s White Glare Download the exercise file here. I’m getting old. My eyes feel strained all the time. No kidding? Maybe it’s from staring at a white screen all day: In this video I will offer some pointers on cutting back glare in Excel: manually, then via a VBA macro:   If you’re new to VBA, check […]

Excel Tip: Freeze Chart Size from Cell Adjustments

As I mentioned in my MyExcelOnline podcast appearance, charting is one of the hardest Excel tools to master. My tip in the podcast showed how to add data with two keystrokes. Sizing your graph can also be challenging, especially when you add or delete cells. Snap! Stretch! Your graph changes size with cell adjustments. Follow […]

Use Excel to Schedule Old Blog Posts at Random via Bulk Buffer

Download the exercise file at… I use Bulk Buffer to re-distribute old blog posts and other content via scheduled posts at Buffer. Bulk Buffer allows you to export a CSV file for upload to Buffer, a social media management program. (Speaking of which, check out my social channels at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter!)  I am on the […]

Hired with Excel: Observations, Caveats, Etc…

This is a preview of my course, “Hired with Excel: What Every Analyst Needs to Know.” Learn more at, or subscribe to my newsletter for your free companion ebook.  In this video I reflect on some common feedback and observations about the course. Topics covered: How is learning Excel like reading the internet? What […]