Setting a “workbook homepage” in Excel — 2 Ways

We all have that one untameable workbook. You need to get back to a “home worksheet” each time but can never find it. Here are a couple of ways to set a homepage in your Excel workbook. Download the exercise file here.

Quick bit of magic…. then a question for you

Here’s a great shortcut I picked up recently: Use Ctrl + – to delete a row. Note my use of Shift + Spacebar to select the row.  Cool, huh? Or was it? I’ve said it many times: I love Excel because there is always something more to learn. A related point: no one person knows […]

Data Realism and the Missing Keystrokes

April is over, and so is Oz du Soleil’s daily video blog. I am still enjoying these. Tonight I caught up on a look at Oz’s Excel work environment. It’s fascinating to see others’ Excel work habits — especially those of an Excel master. Data realism I like that Oz focuses on real-life Excel challenges […]

Ctrl + G, Literally a Go-To Excel Shortcut

Subscribe for more Excel tips and tricks My recent  “Spreadsheet Blessing” ended with the wish that you “find no hard-coded cells.” One of the downsides of Excel is that because it is a static form rather than a stop-end process a computer program, it is hard to diagnose errors. Good spreadsheets are consistent, with defined inputs, outputs, […]

Quickly Insert a Row in Excel

Adding rows in Excel is part of the endless, Sisyphean work of an analyst. Here’s a quicker way. Select the cells you wish to move down a row. Then hit Ctrl + Shift + = to launch a dialogue box that will add a row to your worksheet.