Slideshare Course Preview: “Hired with Excel: The Essential Guide to Interviews”

You’re scheduled to interview for a job whose description calls for “advanced Excel skills.” You’ve used Excel for basic data entry… but what the heck is a PivotTable?n How the heck are you going to get this job now? Consider this course your interview prep power hour, with high-quality videos and downloadable slides to help […]

No More Blast Invites: How You’re Using LinkedIn Jobs All Wrong

  Don’t you hate junk mail? It’s meant for a nameless, faceless “valued customer.” The sender never even pretended to understand your unique needs and qualities. Blasting off job applications and invites on LinkedIn is just like sending junk mail. To do better, personalize your job search by identifying and contacting the hiring manager. You […]

Data and the Liberal Arts Edge: Discussion with Matt Walje

An increasing number of jobs in industries as diverse as healthcare operations and maritime piracy analysis require quantitative aptitude. The response to prepare for this demand is often an emphasis on STEM over a classical liberal arts education. But what if liberal arts is foundational to good use of data? I speak with Matt Walje, Project […]

How to talk like an Excel geek (Slides)

Ready to talk like a real Excel geek and impress potential employers? Check out my new course, “Hired with Excel: What Every Analyst Needs to Know.” Get started at the link. I’ve noticed over time how a handful of my posts get a bit of traffic daily. One of these has been tips on how […]

How to Learn Excel from Scratch (Slides)

A common reaction I get when people learn I’m an Excel blogger: “Oh, you know Excel? I should learn Excel. Tell me what to do.” This is a hard question, because as the old disclaimer goes, “not all cases are the same.”  So I decided to develop a quick list of some of my favorite […]