Slideshare Course Preview: “Hired with Excel: The Essential Guide to Interviews”

You’re scheduled to interview for a job whose description calls for “advanced Excel skills.” You’ve used Excel for basic data entry… but what the heck is a PivotTable?n How the heck are you going to get this job now? Consider this course your interview prep power hour, with high-quality videos and downloadable slides to help […]

(Microsoft) Excel in the Job Interview

It’s a common scenario. You’re looking for your first job out of school. Or, you want to move up the ranks at work. Regardless — those mysterious words appear on the description for your dream job — “Requires proficiency in Microsoft Excel.” Subscribe to the newsletter for my “Beginner’s Guide to Getting Hired with Excel,” […]

Hired with Excel: The Essential Guide to Interviews

I am currently working on a new course entitled, “Hired with Excel: The Essential Guide to Interviews.” This is meant to serve as a companion course to “Hired with Excel: What Every Analyst Needs to Know.” While the parent course takes you from job search to Excel skill build-up to interview follow-up, this new course […]