So, you want to work in hospital administration?

It’s a slow week, the last week of the year. Time to break down gift boxes, heat up leftovers, and reflect on the year gone by. It seems like a lifetime ago that I left my job at a hospital to begin the PhD program, but it was really just a few months ago.  Fortunately, […]

New Course — Hired with Excel: The Essential Guide to Interviews

Course Description So you found the dream job. Only one problem — it requires proficiency in Microsoft Excel. What to do? This course is a gameplan for learning Excel — and acing your job interview along the way. You will learn: Understand the essential functions of an analyst Learn how to position your Excel skills in […]

Lessons from a Commission Analyst: Interview with Oz du Soleil

I had a great conversation this afternoon with Oz du Soleil about working with commissions and incentives in Excel. This is a key function of many financial analysts, including me. In this video we go over some scenarios that a commissions analyst may encounter, and how to use Excel to handle them. Download my exercise […]

How to talk like an Excel geek (Slides)

Ready to talk like a real Excel geek and impress potential employers? Check out my new course, “Hired with Excel: What Every Analyst Needs to Know.” Get started at the link. I’ve noticed over time how a handful of my posts get a bit of traffic daily. One of these has been tips on how […]

Free Ebook: The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Hired with Excel®

  An increasing number of jobs require quantitative aptitude. Where to begin? Get hired… start with Excel. This PDF is a preview of a course I developed specifically for job seekers and others hoping to advance their career through Excel. Download below. Like what you see? Check out my course.  With over two hours of video […]