Excel’s Online Communities: Interview with Alex Powers

As I have been fumbling my way through learning Python, online forums and communities have fascinated me. Why are some forums strict to the point of rudeness and others nearly a yes-man free-for-all?  Are there such things as a stupid question on an online help forum? To discuss these questions and to work toward a […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Taking that Analyst Job

Most of my work has been about how you as an analyst can impress at interviews. But we should look at this from the other side of the table, too. How can you protect yourself from getting into a lousy job? Here are a few questions for you the analyst to ask. 1. Where is […]

What Makes a Good Analyst? And How Do You Interview to Find One?

A feature of my blog has been turning Excel skills into career opportunities.  My first course was a deep dive into getting “hired with Excel.” What, as I said, does “every analyst need to know?”  This included not just essential Excel skills but how to find the right job and impress hiring managers. My second […]

Data and the Liberal Arts Edge: Discussion with Matt Walje

An increasing number of jobs in industries as diverse as healthcare operations and maritime piracy analysis require quantitative aptitude. The response to prepare for this demand is often an emphasis on STEM over a classical liberal arts education. But what if liberal arts is foundational to good use of data? I speak with Matt Walje, Project […]

Messy Data Horror Stories! I Brought My Own to Share

Last night I called in to a Blab hosted by Bob King starring Oz du Soleil. I mentioned some of the inconsistency and false logic I see with data.  The pretty dashboards and statistics are the easy part. Defining and cleaning the data is the hard part — this is where analysts spend most of their time.  Management […]