Why the Future of Work Means Even More Networking

This is a preview of my course on networking for analysts. Learn more at georgejmount.com/networkingcourse. Many analysts leave networking out of their career growth. This may have worked in the past when analysts could spend years behind the scenes at their company. But in a freelancer economy, networking reigns supreme. In this presentation, I predict […]

Never Fear, Excel is Here (to stay!)

Image from Gartner study If you’re worried that your Excel skills may soon become obsolete, take comfort. A recent Gartner study positions Microsoft as an industry leader in BI and Analytics. I’m very impressed with Microsoft’s products and services lately. They have become a more collaborative, multi-platform BI provider. Their customer service is killer. I […]

School is Not Like the Pub…

When teaching in Poland one summer, my coworker received a t-shirt from a student which read: School is not like the pub… You do not have to go to school every day. I’ve got a lot of mileage from this line — good for a laugh with students and bargoers alike. It also recently served as serious […]

“The End of College” and the Future for Analysts

I read Kevin Carey’s The End of College, a surprisingly controversial book.  Carey lists the flaws of American higher education and predicts how “creative destruction” will upend it.  These predictions have sent many lovers of learning into a tizzy. But what is so surprising?  Technology disrupts every industry — why would education be different?  Carey […]

Is Leisure vs. Labor Irrelevant?

This New Yorker piece brings up a worthy dilemma of our age.  The focus of this story is on Keynes’s prediction that future generations will have so much idle time that it may even be bad for society.  Anyone who works even the most flexible of full-time jobs has to be laughing.   The story brings […]