Assign Cell Color Fills to Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

When exploring a workbook, I like to color-code cells so that I remember what I need to do with that information. Red¬†cells indicate I need to take action on something, while green means all systems go. Yellow means either neutral, or that I haven’t decided yet! That’s my system, anyway. And maybe you have your […]

Open Borders?

Another quick formatting tip: Ctrl + Shift + _ will erase all border formatting from selected cells in Excel. 

PivotTables: Replace Blanks with Zeros

I love PivotTables because they do all the “data housework” for me, allowing me to analyze data rather than gather, manage, and format it. One undesirable feature of the PivotTable is how it treats blank values. In our example below we have the sales for a few stores by day. The PivotTable leaves days without […]