Review: Financial Modeling in Excel for Dummies

“Hey, George. We have this spreadsheet we use to create our financial models. It is really complex.  Some nights when we need to get projections to the CFO the model breaks and we are here until 11pm. It is really complex. (I already heard that, thank you!) Think you can look at it?” Every analyst […]

*.* is an Anatomy of Your Files

I am working on a project that requires data that comes to me in an unusual format from the Bloomberg terminal. Each year’s set of data comes in its own subfolder. I want to move all this data out into one folder. How can I do this and avoid copy-pasting out of every subfolder. Using […]

Paying Commissions in Excel: Understand Your Data

Paying commissions in Excel can be tricky. Not only does the data have to be 100% correct, it is structured differently than most financial data. It’s not based on subaccounts or the general ledger — the building block instead is people. In this video I show you what to watch out for so you don’t […]

Big Data and Day Trading: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

Read more and subscribe at  These days, I can’t check my LinkedIn without seeing something about data science. Everybody’s on CodeAcademy and Coursera, dreaming of that sexiest of job titles: “Data scientist.” I’m all for making data an asset, but I see some troubling comparisons between big data and the day trading of the […]

Accounting: Shearing the flock vs finding the one lost

Become a sought-after analyst. Subscribe for your free ebook, “The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Hired with Excel.” Today I came across this study concluding that accountants don’t have the technical chops needed for data-driven business analysis. This is hard to believe. Accountants and CPAs have a relatively rigorous training, and their job is inherently quantitative.  No, what […]