Multiply a Whole Range by the Same Cell

Here’s a feature that takes advantage of the powerful “Paste Special” features in Excel. Say you’ve got a list of sales by employee and week. The sales reps get a 10% commission. You can easily transform your raw data into the commission figures with the below steps. Subscribe to the newsletter for more Excel tips […]


Harry Potter fan? Think of Excel as your data’s house elf. An Exc-elf, as I say. Tonight I am reading Guerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel.  Excellent book: you can tell the authors have been in the foxhole of real-life data analysis and know how to survive! This comic aside on having hobbies vs. using […]

Add Hyperlink in Excel

    Ctrl + K allows you to insert a hyperlink in Excel. Be sure to use this when linking to the site!

PROPER will convert your text

  This happens a lot. You export data into Excel and everything is in caps. It’s difficult to read and won’t go over well when you present.  The PROPER function will convert your text into normal capitalization rules (first letter uppercase, following letters lowercase.). Tip:  It’s a good idea to copy-paste values after completing this […]

Excel Keyboard Shortcut: Autofit Column Width

Formatting a spreadsheet can be quite time-consuming. But like with many Excel tasks, knowing some keyboard shortcuts can really help. Alt + O,C,A will autofit the width of your selected column.