Excel Conditional Formatting for Statistical Significance

This summer I am taking a course on measurement theory … which is as difficult as it sounds. But one of the complications of the course has little to do with sophisticated statistics or management theories. It is a problem faced by analysts everywhere, at any level of analysis: the formatting and presentation of the […]

R vs Excel? VLOOKUP vs INDEX/MATCH? Enough with the False Dichotomies!

Eager to learn something new over the holiday weekend, I checked my email for the latest from the business analytics blogosphere. I was quite disappointed to find posts of this nature: VLOOKUP vs. INDEX/MATCH: Which is Better? Let’s Finally Decide This: Python or R? Why You Should Use R Instead of Excel These “either/or” posts […]

R Packages Explained for Excel Users

Have you ever used an Excel add-in? There are lots of awesome Excel add-ins. My favorite is Jon Acampora’s Pivot Pal add-in.  At its most basic, Excel add-ins are programs that augment the functionality of base Excel. Pivot Pal, for example, adds new functionalities to PivotTable analysis.  Guess what? Packages do for R what add-ins […]

Generating Unique Random Numbers in R For Excel

Never listen to the Excel haters — it’s not going anywhere. Choosing to use R “instead of” Excel is like naming a favorite child! Each has its advantages, and a savvy analyst is able to use them in tandem. Here’s an example of using R to make up for an Excel shortcoming. DO NOT BE […]

Out of the Hot Seat: Reimagining Code Forums

I’ve picked up an unusual habit lately — when I am about to make a programming-related internet search, I open a private tab in my browser. What am I up to? Just trying to keep my cool. You see, StackOverflow ranks very highly on searches for programming help. If I use my regular browser to visit StackOverflow, […]