Don’t Look for the Biggie

I recently wrote a paper about Peter Drucker’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which led me to conclude that all management theory is a footnote to Drucker. Drucker writes far ahead of his time on topics from information technology to career management. Give it a read. One of my favorite quotes concerns the nature of “thinking big” in entrepreneurship: […]

Launching on Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend I got to participate in Launch Weekend at Case Western Reserve University. Students, alumni, and others affiliated with the Blackstone LaunchNet  could pitch an idea, find backers and teammates, tweak the business, give a refined pitch, and win awards.   Today is Labor Day, and the connection to this and the launch […]

Networking is Great…Now Do Something!

This is a preview of my forthcoming course on networking for analysts. Learn more at It’s important to attend networking events when establishing your network, but without a pivot they can become a huge waste of time. Here is how to use what you’ve learned from networking events and get people contacting you — […]

Slides: I Stopped Going to Networking Events…And When You Should, Too

I used to be so gung-ho on networking events that I even wrote a book about it! But after they helped define my purpose, I stopped going to so many. Here’s why I stopped going to networking events — and when you should, too. Read the original post here.     

Feel the Slow Burn: #WCDayton Day One

We just finished Day 1 of Wordcamp Dayton.  If you’re not familiar with Wordcamp, think of it as the TEDx of WordPress. They’re independently organized events featuring talks on all things WordPress, the platform used to build many websites, including mine. And, no, these are not just for “IT people.” There is a lot of great […]