School is Not Like the Pub…

When teaching in Poland one summer, my coworker received a t-shirt from a student which read: School is not like the pub… You do not have to go to school every day. I’ve got a lot of mileage from this line — good for a laugh with students and bargoers alike. It also recently served as serious […]

The Skills Gap: It’s Mutual

This WP piece highlights another interesting debate in the college vs. manufacturing job debate (also discussed here yesterday).   The conventional wisdom is that there are all these manufacturing jobs available, but young people refuse to take them.  They find them too dirty and dead-end.  This is the much-cited “wage gap.”   This reminds me of a […]

Hard Work U

This WSJ piece offers a compelling compromise to the raging college vs. workforce debate.  While I am convinced there is a bubble in higher education, I think some critics of a college education go too far.   There is always a need for the trades such as plumbing, carpentry, etc. But every industry is undergoing a data […]