Was It A Give-A-Damn Mistake?

I just watched this excellent lecture about “The Myth of the Genius Programmer” — and yes, Excel users, you are programmers.¬† One anecdote that really got me thinking is around the 14:45 mark. I found a copy of the anecdote online at The Happy Manager: Tom Watson Jr., CEO of IBM between 1956 and 1971, […]

Peter Drucker: Keep on Learning

All management theory is a footnote to Drucker. I’m reading my first Drucker book. What took me so long? Expect more on the blog. But I could not wait to share this quote from¬†Innovation and Entrepreneurship: “The correct assumption in an entrepreneurial society is that individuals will have to learn new things well after they […]

Are You Wiser Than a Fifth Grader?

Last night we revisited a family classic, RocketMan. It’s a slapsticky 1997 Disney film about an idiot-savant space engineer who unexpectedly is sent on the first mission to Mars. Crude humor ensues. Most of it is forgettable, childish humor. A few scenes have stuck with me and are just as funny as when I was […]

What Grade Do I Need to Get an ….? Find out with Excel Goal Seek!

It’s the age-old question of students everywhere. “What grade do I need on this to get a …. in the class? Excel has a great tool called Goal Seek that will help you find out.  

5 Reasons You Should Never Go to Grad School Without Working First

Thinking of grad school? Get a job. Then think about it some more. And if you keep thinking about it, go. You’ll be older, wiser, and more ready to succeed. Those with work experience have an incredible advantage over classmates who have no professional work experience. Here’s why:¬† 1. You’ve learned detachment “It will crush […]