If the Patient is CEO, Then What’s the Analyst?

I recently finished Robin Farmanfarmaian’s The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer.  Robin describes a wonderful new world of healthcare, where the patient is the CEO of her own health. The model flips: “doctor, the patient will see you now” is the new paradigm.  As a healthcare finance professional, I wonder: if the patient is now […]

Marshall on Modeling

The 19th Century economist’s famous steps on building and communicating economic models. One of my all-time favorite quotes.

It Takes Two to Price

Ben Yi wrote a great piece on Uber’s surge pricing, how it works, and thoughts to improve it.  I left a brief comment on Ben’s post which I’d like to share. I’ve argued before that a good business analyst frames problems from both the supply and demand side. Most people — especially marketers — consider […]

Marketing: A Confused Economist’s Take

Somehow I through undergraduate and grad school without taking a marketing class.  But in between my blog (did I mention to subscribe?) and a couple of ebooks, I’ve been interested in the topic.  I’ve read a lot, took some classes, and volunteered at a conference. I even got a couple of posts featured on LinkedIn’s Marketing & Advertising channel. […]

What Visiting an Auction House Taught Me About the New Economy

Credit: Sarah Palagyi/Column & Stripe The other day I got to visit Cowan’s Auction House with Column & Stripe, the Young Friends of the Cleveland Museum of Art.  I had never been to an auction house and had never considered the economics of the auction market. The visit gave some insights into the “New Economy.” […]