Séances, Border Crossings, and the Weird Economics of Online Dating

Seems like I’ve been posting about personal matters a lot lately. But what’s personal and professional these days, anyway? Welcome to the new economy.  Speaking of the mixing of personal and professional… did someone say, online dating? Much as we hate to admit it, online dating is big business. And one built on pretty terrible […]

Bonds, Not Bucks: How Bulgakov Made Me a Better Blogger

Apologies for the light posting this week. I am at Acton University, an annual four-day summer school exploring the moral and philosophical foundations of economics and business. It is held in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you think having dinner with new friends from Poland, Argentina, and Venezuela before a lecture from a Nobel laureate, […]

Data: It’s the people, stupid!

They overplayed it a bit, but I love the Freakonomics brand. I’ve read most of the series, but somehow missed SuperFreaknomics, which I am reading now. The authors consistently mention the “economic way of thinking,” something so relevant to today’s data-driven business environment. The top five political economy firms don’t hire like the top five accounting firms […]

The New Economy: One Big Improv Class?

Oz du Soleil took another question from me for his daily vlog (Check out the first here.). What did he learn from improv classes at Second City in Chicago? I love this kind of material — how the arts help you succeed. It’s a theme of this blog. Oz has some great insight here. The […]

The Only IS The Best.

In a recent post, I wrote about what local orchestras revealed to me about the nature of specialization. I argued that specialization doesn’t mean just becoming the best in a really specific interest. Rather, it’s being the best in a unique combination of interests. Because if you are the only expert in something, then you are the best expert. So […]